Adding the technological edge to your Escaperoom experience. Through our
experience and extensive knowledge we can help you with every aspect of your idea
or problem. From concept to realization of the puzzles we can guide you in the
process step by step. If you want to bring your room(s) to the next level, give us a call.

Why choose EscapeTechnologies?

  • We have the technological knowledge to make everything come alive.
  • The creative ability to think outside the box.
  • We have our own custom build control system to handle every aspect of
    your escaperoom(s).
  • We can customize our system to your needs.
  • Add different scenarios to your room,  for example change the difficulty of
    your room or change a puzzle for a specific customer.
  • Controll your room from anywhere on the planet.

And as a unique feature to our system, if you have two identical rooms you can let
them compete with each other in a Race!

An impression of a couple rooms that we made for EscapeFactory in Amsterdam

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